Horray for Horizon Herbs Heirloom, Open-pollinated, Non-GMO seeds!

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"The Medicinal Herb Grower" volume 1 by Richo Cech of Horizon Herbs

"The Medicinal Herb Grower" volume 1 by Richo Cech of Horizon Herbs

I’m so excited! I finally received my order of Horizon Herb seeds and potted Elderberry trees.. and can’t wait to begin making my own medicine and growing beautiful and delicious food. Open-pollinated, non-GMO, heirloom seeds are bee friendly, self-perpetuating (read food security) and good for the earth.

According to the Horizon Herb catalog “Elderberries are healthily endowed with antiviral compounds and procyanidins – excellent for treating the flu or the common cold. They grow well in moist, rich soil best as an understory of tall trees.” Elderberries become a traditional folk remedy when boiled down into a tasty syrup.

I was so endeared by Richo Cech’s (of Horizon Herbs) darling short stories of his learning experiences with his plant friends, after reading his book, The Medicinal Herb Grower. And I am so excited to be growing these amazing medicinal plants propagated and collected with love. I am also really really psyched to be part of the perpetuation and preservation of heirloom seed by the act of sowing them. Gardener’s, take care to plant heirloom seeds, not hybrids and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO seed). Very few companies sell heirloom now because they are rapidly being bought up (or sued for cross-pollination) by Monsanto whose global mission is to control all of the world’s food supply. They are not interested in increasing food supply although they would have you believe this lie. If they actually cared about increasing food supply the wouldn’t design seed that contains terminator genes. Terminator genes prevent the plant from producing viable seed so that it cannot grow again. This doesn’t sound like food security to me. GMOs are specifically designed to wipe themselves out and never propagate. You can only obtain seed from the specific patent holder, Monsanto. This could spell global disaster should anything go wrong with they hybrid and GMO seeds and we become totally dependent on them for food.

Avoid eating and sowing GMO at all costs. And save your seed (hide them too). The survival of the human race depends on it.