Raw milk is not the deadly toxin the corporate cow wants us to believe it is.

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Enjoy raw milk from grass fed cows on pasture

Enjoy raw milk from grass fed cows on pasture

All milk is not created equal. The dairy industry wants us to believe otherwise.
I’m not brave. The brainwashing got to me too. I was fearful to drink my first glass of raw milk, but then I realized.. This is great stuff! And I learned the truth behind the lies.

A glass of milk from a crowded, feedlot cow standing in it’s own filth isn’t equal to a glass of milk from a cow grazing green grass (and other herbs) roaming freely in sunny pasture. It isn’t. Drinking raw milk from a feedlot cow raised on a corporate CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), NOT a farm, WILL make you sick or even dead. Consider that my public food safety announcement of the day.

Nobody pasteurized milk until they started getting milk from factory farms because that is when people started dying from it. Entire societies thrived on raw milk for centuries. Thrived, not died. Raw milk, from grass-fed cows on pasture, has tons of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and beneficial bacteria (like yogurt). Milk, from grass-fed cows, has amazing properties, one of which is the presence of naturally produced antimicrobials in solution. Another is the production of a beneficial fatty acid known as CLA, short for Conjugated Linoleic Acid (brain food, people). Pasteurization destroys these good bacteria. Heat destroys the naturally occurring vitamins A and D that are readily absorbed by the body. In pasteurized dairy these are boiled away and added back synthetically. Synthetic vitamins just don’t absorb as well.

The corporate cow doesn’t care about food safety or our well being, it cares about profit. How do you spell profit? Reduce square footage for cows, cut corners on quality for mass production and extend shelf life. Oh, and marketing (read brainwashing) to make it all sound like the only way to go. According to Wikipedia [pasteurization of milk was first suggested by Franz von Soxhlet in 1886.[5] It is the main reason for milk’s extended shelf life. High Temperature Short Time (HTST) pasteurised milk typically has a refrigerated shelf life of two to three weeks, whereas ultra pasteurised milk can last much longer, sometimes two to three months. When ultra heat treatment (UHT) is combined with sterile handling and container technology (such as aseptic packaging), it can even be stored unrefrigerated for 6–9 months] Why is this important? Because it explains why the corporate cow wants to scare us into buying an inferior product. Pasteurization let’s corporate dairy sell us dirty, low quality milk with a long shelf life. They even market ultra pasteurized milk like it is a good thing. All you are getting is dead milk. Raw milk is a living food and is designed by millions of years of mammalian evolution to nourish living beings.

Because raw milk is alive, it doesn’t rot. It becomes cheese. At least in my experience. I learned this by following a cream cheese recipe from The Encyclopedia of Country Living: An Old Fashioned Recipe Book. The recipe called for a gallon of raw milk to be left on the counter at room temperature until the milk separated from the whey. That’s it. It took 9 days. Then I strained the solids from the whey in a cheese cloth and timidly tasted it. It tasted good. I waited three days to die. When I didn’t, I let my family try it. Try leaving pasteurized milk out for a day. It stinks.

The corporate cow is also not interested in sharing profit with independent farmers, independent being the operative word here. The dairy lobbies are doing a great job of muscling out small farmers by writing laws that make it illegal to sell raw milk and requirements for milk processing facilities that cost at least a million dollars to set up. These farmers are honest, hardworking people of humble means who give a shit about quality, and also drink their own milk, raw.

Raw milk from grass-fed cows is sustainable. There is plenty of grass. For more info read the Raw Milk Facts website.

Aside: These days a grain of corn or wheat is not equal to a grain of GMO Frankengrain, it’s friggin impotent, it can’t even reproduce itself. This is only one reason why GMO foods are evil. They are designed to wipe themselves out. They can’t grow without the intervention of the specific patent holder who invented them. They are completely dependent on the fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides (products) produced by the corporation that created them. Not only are they questionable for our health in terms of how genetic manipulation will affect us, but also that we know that spraying food with pesticides and herbicides causes cancer. It is a monopolistic and fragile system waiting to crash. Think about all that cheap Frankengrain they feed the CAFO cows the next time you get milk or beef that wasn’t raised by your local biodynamic farmer.

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