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Purslane – Let your weeds grow and your soul glow.

August 11, 2011


I love eating weeds. It is free, super healthy and effortless to grow them.  Buying them from a fancy schmancy specialty market is usually very pricey. Early this year, I pulled out an evergreen shrub that was lining my driveway, leaving behind a brown dirt strip of decomposing mulch. I’m sure the neighbors were expecting […]

Howling Wolf Farm Open House and Potluck – Saturday, July 9th

June 28, 2011


You are invited to Howling Wolf Farm for a farm open house: with a farm tour, pastured poultry tour, wild plant walk, and lacto-fermentation demonstration. Please be ready to hike through the pastures. Hope you can stay for the potluck — please bring a dish to share, plus a picnic blanket or camp chair. Saturday, […]

Incredible edible milkweed

May 31, 2011


Get to know and befriend your weeds (instead of killing them). You’ll find that they have so much to offer. Introducing – the Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca). Milkweed is the sole food source of monarch butterfly larvae (now I’d feel really guilty if I killed them for the vanity of my lawn). According to Wikipedia, […]

May – Sustainability Events in NY, NJ & Washington, DC

May 10, 2011


Moving Towards Sustainability Book Club / Potluck Tues, May 10, 7pm 317 Massachusetts Ave, Haworth 07641 Book: Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World by HRH The Prince of Wales Please share potluck & discussion even if you haven’t finished the book. More info: Traditional Super Foods: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Research with […]

Bees cured my Spring allergies

May 8, 2011


Every Spring, as other people are celebrating warm weather and basking in the sun, I get hit with itchy eyes, nose and throat, runny nose and congestion headaches. In the past I wouldn’t hesitate to pop antihistamines, but since I’ve been pregnant and nursing, I’ve suffered through it. This Spring I’m determined to find a […]

Gosari (고사리) Braised Fiddlehead (Fern bracken)

May 3, 2011


This dish evokes my all time favorite childhood memory of my mother in America. She used to take me out to the fields and forage fiddlehead ferns to make this Korean dish of simmered braised fiddleheads. If you have ever eaten bibimbap in a Korean restaurant, then you’ve tasted gosari. They are the brown meaty […]

Wise woman foraging

May 1, 2011


Since I adopted Stinging Nettles as my wild herb to study this year, I decided to take another foraging lesson to get additional perspective (a wise woman’s point of view) on this herb and foraging in general. Tara Bowers, of Howling Wolf Biodynamic Farm in Hope, NJ offered an affordable foraging lesson ($20) on the […]

Foraging is as local as you can get, and seasonal too!

April 28, 2011


Foraging puts a fresh perspective on the terms “spring greens” and “field greens” listed on swanky restaurant menus. Apparently, April and early Spring are prime time to harvest field greens. The reason is this, in a plant’s lifecycle Spring is a time when the growing energy of the plant moves from it’s root system underground, […]

Foraging – Your lawn is a salad bar

April 20, 2011


I signed up with Suburban Foragers for the 8 month long course in foraging that meets once a month and it was awesome! It really drives home how important it is not to spray our lawns with toxic chemicals. The weeds on your lawn are a salad bar. Rule #1 – Don’t take it all, […]